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Happy Endverse!

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natalie’s outfits, comic con 2014.

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Katniss Everdeen: Different Faces.

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Van Gogh is the finest painter of them all. Certainly the most popular, great painter of all time. The most beloved, his command of colour most magnificent. He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray, but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstasy and joy and magnificence of our world, no one had ever done it before. Perhaps no one ever will again. To my mind, that strange, wild man who roamed the fields of Provence was not only the world's greatest artist, but also one of the greatest men who ever lived.

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The Doctor is a legend woven throughout history. When disaster comes, he’s there. He brings a storm in his wake. And his one constant companion… Who’s that? Death.

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I met you at the Dalek Asylum. There was a girl in a shipwreck and she died saving my life. And she was you! Victorian London. There was a governess who was really a barmaid and we fought the Great Intelligence together. She died and it was my fault. And  s h e   w a s   y o u .

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